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Communication Concepts International, Inc. is proud to announce the availability of the book: Buff and Polish: A Practical Guide To Enhance Your Professional Image And Communication Style by Kathryn J. Volin, President of CCII.

First impressions can be dazzling or they can be disastrous, but they last forever. Whether you are walking into a room for a job interview, meeting with a new client, or making a presentation, the image you portray is vital to how others perceive you. Believe it or not, people are sizing you up within the first three to four seconds of an encounter. They’re making judgments about you at seven seconds and within thirty seconds they’ve made at least eleven assumptions about you.

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Buff and Polish is an abundant collection of successful communication applications and theories. As a veteran trainer and corporate communicator, Kathryn has compiled and implemented these techniques for more than twenty years. The knowledge within this definitive handbook can be used (by anyone) to make a dramatic, positive difference in the ability to achieve excellence while interacting with others.

Studies have shown that people form their impressions of you by looking at the outside and making assumptions about what’s on the inside; they take you at face value. Your physical presence is the foundation on which you build your credibility. Make sure yours works for you and not against you.

Your entrance into a room should establish control and presence. Confident people have a rhythm to their movements and an energy to their stride. Appear self-assured and people you meet will believe you are self-assured. The secret to being a great communicator is to be consistently you, at your best, in all situations. This book will tell you how to do just that.

Some of the critical success factors Kathryn addresses include:

  • First impressions and their enormous impact -- a personal inventory.
  • Enhance your image by dressing for success.
  • Confident handshakes and introductions -- get a good grip on every situation.
  • Professional presence -- improve your image, style, and how you are perceived.
  • Movement and gestures -- actions speak louder than words; gesturing for impact.
  • Important elements -- eye contact, facial expressions, and body language signals.
  • The power of your voice -- it’s not what you say but how you say it.
  • Effective listening techniques -- increasing your rate of success.
  • Business etiquette -- dining, entertaining, and traveling.
  • The art of self-promotion -- "blowing your horn" without being obnoxious.
  • Making great presentations -- preparing, delivering, and holding an audience’s interest.
  • Handling challenging questions, difficult situations, and thinking on your feet.
Kathryn J. Volin

Whether you are a college graduate, professional on the rise, entrepreneur, or a seasoned executive, achieving excellence in interpersonal communications will ensure your continued growth. Kathryn J. Volin's Buff and Polish is a must read for virtually everyone in the business world.

Buff and Polish can be purchased on-line in paperback or E-Book through virtualbookworm.com.

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